DSE at Sonikfest, Bronx Art Space, 2010

David Schafer

  David Schafer, Cage Mix: Static Age, 2012 David Schafer’s work remixes histories embedded in site and cultural memory, displacing those narratives sonically, visually, and physically to simultaneously expand and collapse structures of language and meaning. Grounded in the theoretical as much as the personal, Schafer’s sound projects employ a range of prerecorded and live material transformed through digital processes, [...]

Members and collaborators of the People's Microphony Camerata  (Paula Cronan, Juliana Snapper, and Elana Mann) participate in a General Assembly at Occupy LA, City Hall, November 11, 2011. Photo: Carol Cheh.

Elana Mann

  Elana Mann, ARLA, and the People’s Microphony Camerata, Untitled, 2012 Elana Mann’s multidisciplinary performance work endeavors to explicate intricate and unequal economies (social, political, and financial, among others) and to develop collectivities capable of remedying those disparities. Exchange Rate: 2008 took the occasion of United States presidential election as an opportunity to engage artists across the world in a performative and personalized [...]

Richard T. Walker, the possibility of foreverness, 2011, Fuji Crystal Archive Print, 49 x 30 inches. Image courtesy of the artist and Christopher Grimes Gallery."

Richard T. Walker

    Richard T. Walker, between distance and a mountain, 2012 Richard T. Walker’s works use video, photography, music, text, and spoken dialogue to muse on the experience of the solitary human figure in nature. Nodding to nineteenth-century Romanticism, the three-channel video installations i know you are everything but i still want you to be everything (2010) and the speed [...]


2 Headed Dog

  2 Headed Dog, Clowntown City Limits, 2012 2 Headed Dog is a Los Angeles–based comedy troupe established by Dave “Gruber” Allen, Mark Fite, and Jim Turner. All originally from the Midwest, these actor/writer/comedians migrated to the coast and have created a long roster of offbeat characters and original comedy for over 20 years. Building on the theatrical lineage of absurdist [...]

Vanessa Place, Silence, Photo credit: Robert Ransick.

Vanessa Place

  Vanessa Place, Full Audio Transcripts, 2012 A Los Angeles–based conceptual writer, poet, and art critic, Vanessa Place is also a criminal defense attorney, a day job that regularly informs and enriches her work. Her recent conceptual poetry project Statement of Facts (2010) involved the appropriation of official documents and corresponding legalese from court testimonies on violent sex crimes. The [...]

Lucy Raven, Southbase from Residence Unit, (2007)

Lucy Raven

  Lucy Raven, Con Air 2, 2007 (with Eric Johnson, Olivia Robinson, and Jesse Stiles) Lucy Raven’s practice encompasses a variety of forms, including animated films, sculptural installations, performative lectures, curatorial projects, art criticism, and interventions into live television. Connecting these strands is the artist’s continuing interrogation of the effects of technology on the world. Her works for film, video, [...]

Pedro Reyes, VMR: Voice Mail Radio, 2012.

Pedro Reyes

  Pedro Reyes, VMR: Voice Mail Radio, 2012 In his work, Pedro Reyes confronts environmental, social justice, political, and community issues, developing resources and opportunities for audience engagement and communication. His symbolic and physical interpretations of space, by means of sculpture, installation, mobile units, multimedia works, and publications, are both investigative and humorous. For Palas por Pistolas (Pistols into Spades), [...]

Lincoln Tobier, The Orchestra Pit Theory by Roger Ailes, 2011, Performance View

Lincoln Tobier

    Lincoln Tobier, The Orchestra Pit Theory by Roger Ailes, 2011 Employing sculpture, photography, urban planning, painting, and radio, Lincoln Tobier’s work explores the nexus of aesthetics, ideology, and representation and the erosion of the public sphere. In 1992 Tobier created Roger Ailes: A Retrospective in Context, an artwork that uses the form of an art museum retrospective to [...]

Brandon LaBelle, The Echo Project (2011)

Brandon LaBelle

Brandon LaBelle, The Echo Project, 2011 In his artistic practice, Brandon LaBelle addresses social life and cultural narratives, often through sound, performance, and site-specific installations. Much of his recent work deals with the complexity of sound, comparing its invisible and immaterial nature with its reception in and around the physical body. One such project, Notes toward a Sketch of a [...]

Alyce Santoro, Between Stations

Alyce Santoro

  Listen to more work by Alyce Santoro on her soundcloud.   Alyce Santoro, Between Stations, 2007 With a strong interest in Peruvian Shamanism, Alyce Santoro has developed a diverse art practice that primarily engages sound and permaculture. The artist received a BS in marine biology in 1990, and her scientific background led to such projects as Rubin’s Tube, a large [...]