“Preface to Radio Break” by Karen Moss

Radio Break is not just an exhibition: it is a set of discrete embodied experiences in locales throughout Los Angeles. The project’s twelve artworks are presented through low-power radio transmissions and live performances that unfold in neighborhoods from East Los Angeles to Downtown to Hollywood, culminating in the Mid-Wilshire District. The audience is not only invited to attend the public [...]


“Slow Listening” by Gladys-Katherina Hernando

  Los Angeles has a distinctive relationship to radio. Its vast system of highways fosters a contained existence, one that is dependent on cars and treacherous to pedestrians. However, the city’s grid and its implications have produced an ongoing relationship of its inhabitants to radio, a medium that fosters connectivity across the endless roadways and regions and crosses socioeconomic conditions [...]


“The War of the Worlds, the Sound and the Fury” by Ilana Milch

Orson Welles performing at CBS Studios during the live recording and broadcast of  War of the Worlds in 1938.   I’m in bed, happily dozing. With the first stirrings of wakefulness, around six in the morning, I reach for the small transistor radio next to my pillow and press the button. An early-morning news program comes on, but I am hardly [...]


“Collective Listening From the 1920s to Today” by Sarah Loyer

           In assessing the impact of radio on contemporary culture, it is helpful to first examine the period when radio was a new medium.[1] Radio’s effects on the way audiences gathered together and self-identified in the early 1900s were profound as the dominant medium for much of the first half of the twentieth century. The shift [...]

“Public Space in a Private Time (Remix)” by Megan Sallabedra

Vito Acconci, remixed* The model for a new public art is pop music. Music is time and not space; music has no place, so it doesn’t have to keep its place, it fills the air and doesn’t take up space. Its mode of existence is to be in the middle of things; you can do other things while you’re in [...]

“Active Interference” by Emily Wilkerson

Sound, instead of being a series of inadequate clues from an unlit world, becomes a medium that opens onto and generates a world and, as a part of this world-generation, enjoys interaction and conjunction with the other senses. —Clive Cazeaux, 2005 (1)     Los Angeles is home to more than twelve million people, each one carrying a distinct way [...]