From outside the opening reception at La Seranata. Photo: Eve Ruether

Saturday, April 14

For documentation of the event at Union Station, follow this link. For documentation of the event at La Seranata, follow this link. Saturday, 4/14 DOWNTOWN/EAST LA Suggested transportation: METRO 4-6pm, Union Station Alyce Santoro, Between Stations 6-9pm, Mariachi Plaza, E. 1st Street and Boyle Avenue Lincoln Tobier, The Orchestra Pit Theory by Roger Ailes 6-9pm, La Serenata Restaurant and opening reception, 1842 East 1st Street  Los Angeles, California [...]


Sunday, April 15

For documentation of the events at Cyclavia, follow this link. Sunday, 4/15 DOWNTOWN/CICLAVIA Suggested transportation: Bicycle 10am-2pm, El Pueblo de Los Angeles, 125 Paseo De La Plz Los Angeles, CA 90012 Pedro Reyes,VMR: Voice Mail Radio 10am-2pm, MacArthur Park, near W. 7th Avenue and Park View Street, near the public sculpture “Clocktower: A Monument to the Unknown” by George Herms Brendan Threadgill, Incident Reports [...]

Arnoldo Vargas broadcasts from Slanguage Studio

Saturday, April 21

For documentation of the events at LACE, follow this link. Saturday, 4/21 11am – 1pm Arnoldo Vargas at Slanguage Studio Wilmington, CA 90744 LACE: Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions 6522 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028 Suggested Transportation: FOOT 1-5pm Lucy Raven, Con Air 2 1-4pm Vanessa Place, Full Audio Transcripts 4-7pm 2 Headed Dog, Clowntown City Limits  

Ephemera from the installation of Richard T. Walker's work at ForYourArt. Photo: Jackie von Treskow

Sunday, April 22

For documentation of the events at ForYourArt, follow this link. Sunday, 4/22 ForYourArt @ 6020 Wilshire Boulevard Suggested Transportation: CAR 2–6pm Richard T. Walker, between distance and a mountain 3-5pm Elana Mann, People’s Microphony Camerata 7pm David Schafer, Cage Mix: Static Age 6-9pm Reception