We would like to thank Dean Rochelle Steiner for offering vital guidance and support during the two-year process of undertaking this exhibition. As Interim Director, M.A. Art and Curatorial Practices in the Public Sphere, Rhea Anastas oversaw our efforts, testing our ideas and pushing us to make Radio Break something more than a thesis exhibition. Focusing our work through three curatorial practicum courses, Karen Moss dedicated countless hours to our project and provided indispensable conceptual and programmatic advice. Without the early advocacy of Joshua Decter, a project with as many moving pieces as Radio Break would never have come to fruition. Many thanks as well to Elizabeth Lovins, Alexis Kaneshiro, Christine Rahn, and the rest of the USC Roski School of Fine Arts administration for their essential work navigating press, insurance, and more.


Thank you to all of the artists who participated in Radio Break—2 Headed Dog, Elana Mann, ARLA, and the People’s Microphony Camerata, Brandon LaBelle, Vanessa Place, Alyce Santoro, David Schafer, Brendan Threadgill, Lincoln Tobier, Lucy Raven, Pedro Reyes, Arnoldo Vargas, and Richard T. Walker. Without your work, the exhibition would have been dead air.


Radio Break is a nomadic exhibition and as such relied upon partnerships with a collection of individuals, organizations, institutions, and businesses—The Larsen Family and the Brookledge Follies; Jeff Cooper of Hollywood Locations and Union Station; Frances Tobler and La Seranata; Joe Linton and Heidi Zeller of CicLAvia; Jacqueline Chilin and Andy Ho and MacArthur Park; John Kopczynski and El Pueblo; Carol Stakenas, Robert Crouch, Geneva Skeen, and L.A.C.E.; Karla Diaz and Mario Ybarra, Jr. and Slanguage Studio; My Linh Miles and Christopher Grimes Gallery; and Betina Korek and Sarah Williams of ForYourArt.


We would also like to thank Elizabeth Hamilton for so incisively and carefully editing all of our work, and Nick Lucking of Thought Horse for designing our visual identity, our website, and our printed matter. Thank you to Mark Escribano for his assistance with visual documentation and audio recording. Aandrea Stang and MOCA’s Engagement Party donated over 250 AM/FM radios for this project—because of their generosity, we were able to reach a substantially larger public. Thank you to the enthusiasts at Crashspace LA and Neighborhood Public Radio’s Lee Montgomery for helping us figure out this technology.